What We Do

Why is RMD Creative so different?

It’s because we understand the pressure you and your colleagues are under, not only launching a new product but trying to find a display company that can hit the criteria to make your launch successful.

We will take the stress away. Give us your product details, let us know the market you are trying to engage with and leave it to us.

  • We will provide you visuals for sales meetings
  • We will provide you prototypes for you to trial
  • When the time is right for your launch, we can distribute your stand nation wide

That’s what we do well and that’s what we having been doing for 35 years.

Our Process

  1. We will sit down with you and discuss your brand and how your products are best displayed, we would base our design on that

  2. With all the information you have given us along with our experience we will put together a few designs for you to look at, these designs are free and can be tweaked as many times as you like

  3. Once your design has been finalised we can make a sample to test how the display works with your products

  4. When we are all happy that this is the way to go, we move to the production stage and make your first batch of units

  5. When the production process has finished and your units are ready, we can distribute them to your warehouse or to individual store locations whatever your needs are

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